12 Powerful Words

These words were compiled by educator Larry Bell.  Students will find these words on most high stakes test.  Often students know the material but answer incorrectly because they do not understand the question.  The more students are exposed to these words and practice them, the more comfortable they will feel on test day.  TJ has committed to learning the 12 words.  This level of thinking will make our students work at the highest possible level, and we will have the tools we need to do well on our tests.  

Trace outline, follow, list in steps


break apart, think through, examine


read between the lines
Evaluate judge, study
Formulate build and create


tell about


back it up with details
Explain tell about it, who, when, why, and what
Summarize tell the main parts, bottom line, main ideas
Compare List all the ways they are alike
Contrast Differences, all the ways they are different
Predict Tell waht could happen next, look into the future

ŠThank you to Larry Bell